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In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Contele Fleet app. Simply and quickly.

The Contele Fleet app has a navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

The menus are the pages of the app, divided between ”List” , ”Map” and ”More” .

Vehicle List

In "List", you can see the list of vehicles, with the details of ‘’ On ’’ or ‘’ ‘Off’ ’, driver’s name, speed of the last data, and more.

By clicking on the three points of the desired vehicle, it is possible to view the vehicle on the map , change the driver standard vehicle, adjust the odometer , check the routes desired date and send a vehicle lock command.

View vehicle from the list on the Map

Click the ”View on map” button to view the exact location of the vehicle on the map.

At the bottom of the display, it is possible to see whether the vehicle is on or off, the driver's name, day and time of the last signal, average speed and odometer of the vehicle.

Routes from last days or desired date

To see the routes taken by the vehicle, after clicking on the three points of the chosen vehicle, select one of the two available options: '' Routes from the last 2 days '' or '' Routes from another date '' .

Change Driver

Click ”Driver” to manually change the vehicle's default driver.

This option is not visible for customers who have hired driver identifier, since the system already automatically identifies the driver by iButton.

In addition, you can create a new driver by clicking on the “+” button.

Odometer adjustment

In the app you can also adjust the vehicle's odometer.

By clicking on the ”Adjust odometer” button, simply enter the correct odometer value and click save.

Routes to vehicle

The ”Route to vehicle” option provides a route on your mobile phone's map application, considering your current location to the location of the selected vehicle.

Lock the vehicle

To send a vehicle lock command, just click ”Block” and then ”Yes” .

After the block, the option “** Unlock” will follow, which follows the same path to perform the action.


On a map, it is possible to view all vehicles in the fleet in operation, both on and off. By clicking on the first icon, the map is loaded in satellite view, and by clicking on the second icon traffic is displayed in real time.

Download the App now on Google Play or App Store.

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