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The Audit Report is a complete and complete report showing point by point all the information the vehicle tracker has uploaded to the system.

To access it, go to the side menu, click on Reports and then on Audit .

Audit report

How to Generate a Report

On the audit page, you will have to follow the steps to generate a report:

Choose the Vehicle that will be Audited;
Select the start and end date that the Report will generate;
If preferred, include the addresses the Vehicle passed each time the tracker sent information.
Click Generate Report Now to download it from the page or click Email report to receive it in your email.

The report is generated in .xls format for Excel.

Report Information

The Report generates points every 3 minutes and will provide information about vehicle status changes, such as:

Date and time of each information;
Vehicle ignition, on or off;
Time elapsed from one point to another;
Vehicle odometer;
Distance in km traveled from one point to another;
Speed ​​per Km / h;
Vehicle Driver
Address and geographic location;
Relays and sensors.

Tip: If you click on a location, Google Maps will open and give you a view of that location.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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