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Vehicle Checklist

This technique is already used in large companies, and it reduces up to 16% the total cost of vehicle maintenance.

This is a series of checks on the vehicle, most of them simply visual, which must be done every time the vehicle is used, like for example:

Check if the tank is in reserve;
If it is dirty or disorganized;
With some broken lamp;
Among other things.

How it works: using the Contele Driver app on iOS or Android, the driver scans the QR Code on the vehicle's dashboard and, after that, completes a Vehicle Checklist in the app itself.

And this is where driver identification comes in! For he will need to identify himself before making this Vehicle Checklist.

The driver will need to identify himself only when he picks up the vehicle and then register the return of the vehicle (only if you change drivers) .

In the system, just access the item in the Reports > Checlists.

Tip: You can use the filters to choose drivers, vehicles, date period and even click on the column to sort the information!

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