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The Report of All Drivers is the consolidated of hours of driving, night and distances covered by its drivers.

How to generate the Consolidated Report

In the side menu, access All Drivers Report, "Select the desired period", and see the result on the screen.

The pre-existing periods of the system are:
Last 7 days;
Last 30 days;

In addition to the pre-existing periods, you can create the Report with any period you like.

The report for all drivers contains information only up to yesterday.
Each line represents 1 conductor with their total times and distances, referring to the selected period.

When performing the filters, the results of the Report will be displayed on the screen.

Consolidated Report

Understand what each column of the All Drivers Report means:

Driver: The registered driver name will appear in this column. See more details about the Driver's Name by clicking here.

Phone: Driver's WhatsApp, where you can open it directly to send message to it. See how to register driver information by clicking here;

Total driving hours: Number of total driving hours performed by the driver, considering the vehicle's circulation hours.

Total Night Hours: At the top of the report you can select the night period. Thus, the report will show the number of night hours that your driver worked, considering the hours the vehicle was running.

Longest continuous driving time: Total hours of continuous vehicle operation. This is equivalent to the longest route or trip time taken.

Total Distance (KM) and Total Night It is the distance covered by the driver in total and at night.

In addition to these, you can show other columns in the Report, such as:

Identification code;
CNH Expiration Date;
CNH number;

See other columns

Tip: By clicking on column names, you can sort from largest to smallest or vice versa.

How to identify the driver

Through the Driver APP Contele, the Driver can identify itself with a few clicks.

Download the app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS);

Enter the driver PIN (go to Menu > Driver > Edit to view the PIN). The driver will only enter your PIN once, and you will only need to enter it again if you delete the app or switch devices.

Driver's PIN

After entering the application, the driver must enter the License Plate to identify him in the system.

Identify the vehicle by the license plate

Respond to the checklist and you're done! After filling out a quick vehicle checklist, the driver will be ready to drive the vehicle.

Vehicle return: The driver must signal in the Contele Driver APP when he will no longer drive (only if he changes drivers).

Your drivers are still not using the Contele Driver application? Click here!

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