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The All Drivers Report is the consolidated of driving hours, night hours and distances covered by its drivers.

Access All drivers report, "Select the desired period" , and see the results on the screen.

The pre-existing periods of the system are:

7 days;
30 days;
This month;
Last month.

In addition to the pre-existing periods, you can use the "Custom" filter, which allows you to create the report for the period you want.

The All Drivers Report contains information only until yesterday.
Each line represents 1 driver with their times and total distances, for the selected period.

When performing the filters, the results of the Report will be presented on the screen.

Understand what each column means:

Driver: The name of the registered driver will appear in this column. See more details about the Driver's Name click here.

Total Driving Hours: Number of total hours of driving that the driver performed, considering the hours the vehicle was on.

Total Night Hours: At the top of the report, you can select the night time. Thus, the report will show the number of night hours that your driver worked, considering the hours that the vehicle was turned on.

Longest continuous driving time: Total hours that the vehicle has been on continuously for the longest time. This is equivalent to the time of the longest route or trip taken.

Total distance (KM) and Total night This is the distance traveled by the driver in total, and at night.

Tip: By clicking on the column names, you can order from largest to smallest, or vice versa.

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