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In the manager's application, the APP Contele Rastreador, it is possible to access two Reports:

Event Report;
Supply Report;


Event Report

Going into Reports and clicking on Events, you are taken to a screen with all the Events recorded by your Drivers according to what you have set up in the system.

The Events that can be displayed are:

Electronic Fence;
Excessive Speed;
Excessive Speed at Fence;
Out of schedule
Km reached;
Driver not identified.
Tracker on / off
Vehicle stopped with engine running

Event Report

In the upper right corner, you can tap Filter and make a filter to find the information you need, you can filter by date, Event and Vehicle.

Fillups Report

By clicking on Reports > Fuelings, you will enter the Report with the fuelings of each Vehicle.

Here, you can check information such as

Last supplies;
Who filled up;
Quantity in liters filled;
Cost of supply;
Odometer Vehicle;
Average Vehicle.

Fill-up Report

Tip: Clicking on a refueling, you can edit its information or remove it.

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