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The driver application, Contele Driver , is based on 3 main functions:

Driver identification;

Step by step to use Contele's driver application:

Download the app from the Play Store(Android) or App Store (iOS);
Enter the Driver PIN (go to Menu > Driver > Edit to view the PIN). The driver will only enter your PIN once, and you will only need to enter it again if you delete the app or switch devices.
After entering the application, the driver must enter the Vehicle License Plate to identify him in the system.
Respond to the checklist and you're done! After filling out a quick vehicle checklist, the driver will be ready to drive the vehicle.
Whenever you refuel the Vehicle, register the Refueling so that the Manager receives information.
Vehicle return: The driver must signal in the Contele Driver APP when he will no longer drive (only if he changes driver).

The driver PIN is automatically generated by the system and cannot be changed.

To verify the PIN, just access the Drivers option in the side menu.

"Headlights On" and "Overspeed" alerts.

The driver will receive Overspeed alerts in the app and reminders to turn on the headlights.

The maximum speed setting is performed in "Menu" > "Vehicles" > "Edit" > "Maximum allowed speed" .

The speed that appears in the App Contele Driver comes from the smartphone's GPS and not from the tracker installed in the vehicle. This allows that, even in shaded areas of the tracker, speed alerts continue to work in real time, as the smartphone's GPS does not need internet.
If an unusual speed data is presented, for example 300 km/h, it is some kind of error in the cell phone's GPS.

Common Questions

Can the app be installed on any device?
The app can be installed on Android smartphones or iPhones with data pack. The device can be from the driver or from the company.

Does the checklist need to be done before, during or after?
The Checklist is mandatory whenever the driver enters the License Plate. He can do this during or before handing over the vehicle.

How does the manager know about the regularity of the Checklist?
Through the Checklist report within the system where the Checklist with irregularities is highlighted.

If a driver forgets to return the vehicle in the app, will the next driver be able to use it?
Yes. The driver who reads the code in the vehicle receives a warning that the driver forgot to return the vehicle. Upon confirmation, he returns to the last driver and can drive the vehicle.

Is the driver tracked even without driving just because the app is installed?
No. The System has intelligence that guarantees the sending of information only when it identifies itself in the vehicle and it is turned on. This is done using data from the tracker not installed on the vehicle.

Does the application consume too much of the data package?
The consumption of the data package is small, it should not exceed 40 Mb per month. This is equivalent to a 1-minute video on YouTube.

Does the app work offline?
Yes. The application allows the driver to identify himself, fill out the checklist and record fuel supply even without internet access.

How to guarantee information on supply values?
The "Consumption per vehicle" report will show divergent values, compared to standard vehicle consumption data and compared to other company vehicles.

What could be done to force the driver to identify himself?
Make the fleet policy and ask everyone to sign it. This is a company policy and a commitment of all drivers. Click here to generate your Online Fleet Policy.
Watch this video.

Q: Can I use Contele Driver on the driver's private cell phone?
Yes, for this it is necessary to sign a commitment term, or include this employee's authorization in the fleet policy. See the video below:

Keep the App always up to date so that all features work optimally.

How do I make the driver remember to identify himself?
Train drivers on how it works;
Put a sticker on the vehicle's dashboard, to remind the driver to identify himself;
If possible, only release the vehicle key to the driver with the identification already made.
Pay attention to push notifications in the Contele Rastreador application, about unidentified drivers.
Implement an alert system if the driver repeatedly forgets to identify himself. Learn more about Aviso do Driverista.

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