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The driver application Contele Driver is based on 3 main functions:

Driver identification;

Step by Step to use the Contele Driver Application

Download the app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS);

Enter the Driver PIN (Menu> Driver> Edit to see the PIN). The driver will enter his PIN only once, and will only need to re-enter if he deletes the app or changes devices.

Scan the vehicle's QR Code: Contele Rastradores will send a sticker with a QR Code for each vehicle.

Answer the Checklist and you're done! After completing a quick checklist of the vehicle, the driver will be ready to drive the vehicle.

Returning the vehicle: The driver must signal at the Contele Driver APP when he is no longer driving (only if he changes drivers).

Returning the vehicle: The driver should signal in the Contele Driver APP when he/she is not going to drive anymore (only in case of changing drivers).

To check the PIN, just access the Drivers option in the system side menu.
The Driver's PIN is automatically generated by the System and cannot be changed.

When you return the Vehicle through the application, a list with all the license plates registered in the system will be shown, making it easier for the Driver to login the next time.

"Turn on your headlights" and "Speeding" alerts
The driver will receive Speeding alerts in the app and a reminder to turn on the headlights.

The maximum speed setting is carried out under Menu> Vehicles> Edit> Maximum allowed speed.

Common questions
Q. Can the app be installed on any device?
A. The app can be installed on Android smartphones or Iphone with data package. The device can be from the Driver or the company.

Q. Does the Checklist need to be done before, during or after?
A. The Checklist is mandatory whenever the driver scans the vehicle's QR Code. He can do it during or before delivering the vehicle.

Q. How does the manager learn about the regularity of the Checklist?
A. Through the Checklist report within the system where emphasis is given to Checklist with irregularities.

Q. If I forget a driver forgets to return the vehicle in the app, can the next Driver use it?
A. Yes. The driver who is scanning the code on the vehicle receives a warning that the driver has forgotten to return the vehicle. When confirming it makes the return to the last driver and can drive the vehicle.

Q. Is the Driver tracked even without driving just because the app is installed?
A. No. The System has an intelligence that guarantees sending information only when it identifies itself in the vehicle and the vehicle is on. This is done using the data from the installed non-vehicle tracker.

Q. Does the application work without a data package?
A. Yes. The driver can make the identification by reading the vehicle code without internet, and carry out the Checklist and record the supplies on the wi-fi.

Q. Does the app consume a lot of the data package?
A. The consumption of the data package is small, which should not exceed 40 mb per month. This is equivalent to a 1 minute video on YouTube.

Q. How to ensure supply value information?
A. Through the "Consumption by vehicle" report, you will find divergent values ​​compared with standard vehicle consumption data and comparative with other company vehicles.

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