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The Driver Report (per route) is a detailed report of each route taken by the driver, in the desired period.

Access Driver Report (by route), "Select a driver" , "Select the desired period" , and see the results on the screen.

The pre-existing periods of the system are:
7 days;
30 days;
This month;
Last month.

In addition to the pre-existing periods, you can use the "Custom" filter, which allows you to create the report for the period you want.

The Driver Report (by route) contains information only until yesterday.

When performing the filters, the results of the Report will be presented on the screen.

You can sort routes by Duration, Distance and Maximum speed. All times in this report refer to the time of the vehicle with the engine running.

Total Time: The total driving time of the vehicle, considering the hours the vehicle was on.
Total Distance (KM): This is the distance traveled by the driver in total.
Average Speed ​​(KM/H): The average speed of all routes performed by the driver.
Maximum Speed ​​(KM/H): The maximum speed recorded by the driver on the routes taken.

Attention : Each line represents 1 route with its schedules, times, distances and vehicle used.

How to view the Route on the Map

Click on the "View Route" icon, in the "Start" column, to have a preview of the map route:

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