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The Driver Report (per day) is a detailed report of each driver per day, with driving time and distances covered.

Access Driver Report (per day), "Select a driver" , and choose the desired day.

After that, click on "Generate Report".

This report presents a summary in the header, with the totals for the selected period, for the chosen driver.

Total Time: The total driving time of the vehicle, considering the hours the vehicle was on.
Total Distance (KM): This is the distance traveled by the driver in total.
Average Speed ​​(KM/H): The average speed of all routes performed by the driver.
Maximum Speed ​​(KM/H): The maximum speed recorded by the driver on the routes taken.

Attention : Each line represents 1 day driven with its times and distances.

All times in this report refer to the time of the vehicle with the engine running.

The longest driving time is the time the vehicle has been longer on continuously . This vehicle may have been turned on and off several times in the same day, however, this time refers to the longest time it has been on.

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