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What is Fleet Policy?

The Fleet Policy is an official document and a way to get organized with everything related to the use of the company's vehicles. Establish rules of use, speed, fines, among other items that give legal certainty to your company and vehicle fleet.

What do companies put in Fleet Policies?

Purpose of using vehicles;
Maximum speed allowed, times and locations;
Validation of the driver's license;
Permitted forms and locations of supply;
Responsibility for traffic violations, among other items.

What do I need to generate my Fleet Policy?

The process is simple and the Contele robot needs only three pieces of information:

Company Name
Your e-mail address
The Name you want to give the Document

How will a robot generate mine?

Our robot will generate a fully customized Fleet Policy, after filling out the form at the link below:

I want to generate my Fleet Policy >>>

After 5 minutes of completion, you will receive your editable Fleet Policy in the email.

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