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The value that the system shows is an estimated value, based on the fuel cost and the average consumption of the vehicle.

You will always have this information by route, and by selected period.

How do I register the vehicle odometer?

To configure, access the left side menu, click on “Vehicles” , then click on the blue icon "Pencil" to edit.

Go to the field "Complementary Data"

In the field "Fuel Value" , fill in the updated value of the fuel that supplies the vehicle.

In the "Average Consumption" field, fill in how many kilometers the vehicle makes with 1 liter of fuel.

Finally, in the field "Odometer" , fill in the exact and updated number of kilometers that the vehicle has already traveled.

It is based on the odometer, that the system generates important reports for management, such as, for example, the ideal time to perform maintenance. Therefore, it is important that the value registered in the system is faithful to the value registered in the vehicle's odometer.

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