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Vehicle Without Communication Event

Vehicle No Communication is an Event that informs the fleet manager when a vehicle remains for more than three (3) business days without performing a route or sending communication points to the system.

If the vehicle remains for this period without sending a signal and generating a route, an email is sent to the fleet manager informing the condition automatically verified by the system.

In the email, the manager receives the latest information generated by the tracker and stored in the system. Are they:

Date and map display of the last route;
View the date and map of the last point sent to the system;
The driver was identified on this occasion.

Vehicle Stage

In the email, the manager can also be directed to the Vehicle Stage editing page. This action aims to make the change compatible with the real state of the vehicle, in order to better inform this situation.

The ideal is to inform if the vehicle is in normal operation, is being maintained or is not being used for any reason.

Vehicle stage edition

To edit this information, simply click on the “Edit Vehicle Stage” button found in the body of the email sent after the vehicle has been out of communication with the system for more than three days.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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