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The Event Report shows all event records for vehicles in your fleet, such as:

Km reached;
Car stopped with engine running;
Electronic fence;
Excess of speed in the Fence;
Out of hours;
Out of hours;
Unidentified driver.

You can view "All Vehicles" Events, or select a desired one.

After that, select the date and the desired Event, and click Generate Report.

Hour: Exact time the Event was recorded.
Kind of event: If you have selected a desired Event in the filters, only the chosen one will be shown.
More information: What was configured at the Event (Ex: 120 km/h was the maximum allowed).
Accomplished: What was registered at the Event (Ex: 124 km/h).
Driver: The driver who was driving the vehicle when the Event was registered.
See on the Map: Click on the icon to view the exact location of the Event.

To register these Events, it is necessary to configure this feature in the Vehicles screen beforehand.
Tip: See this post and understand how Events can help you in fleet management.
Tip 2: You can also view the Event Report from the app.

How to edit the Vehicle Odometer via the App

Download the Contele Fleet application on Google Play or App Store, and use the same system login.

In the app, go to "Reports", and select the "Events" option.

Use the "Filter" to view only the desired "Events".

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