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Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spent organizing your entire fleet's paperwork? It is extremely important to keep all your documents in one place , with easy access and in a way that increases your productivity.

There are tools like Google Drive that can help in your day to day, and that’s what we’ll explore today in this article. This form of cloud storage is free, and allows the manager to save and share all scanned documents.

What documents do I need to worry about?

Pay attention and make sure you have copies of the following documents:

Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate
Insurance policy
Workshop invoices
Drivers License
Traffic violations
Driver's license point

Instructions for use

After creating your Google Drive account, the ideal is to create a folder for Vehicles, and another for Drivers.

Within the Vehicles folder, the ideal is to separate several sub-folders by the vehicle plate.

You can attach photos directly by cell phone, or via the computer to include scanned documents. If they are recurring documents, be sure to create sub-folders of months / year as needed. Remember, you can configure which people are allowed access to the folder.

Integration with Contele Tracker

Now comes the best part: with Contele Fleet, we have implemented an integration with Google Drive so that you can access all the documentation of your vehicles, in a easy , fast and organized way.

When accessing the Vehicles page, we now have a new shortcut with a folder icon, in the Actions field. This shortcut is for you to access the folder of each vehicle, individually. To configure the shortcuts, just click the edit button, with a pencil icon.

In the Documentation section, it is possible to integrate the link of the folder of your vehicle or driver in Google Drive.

Use the field "Type or paste your folder link in Google Drive below."

After that, click Save and you're done! Your documentation will be safe, organized and connected using cloud storage in conjunction with Contele Fleet.

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