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One of the functions that Contele Fleet provides is driver identification.

Identifying the drivers who drive your fleet is an important tool to protect your legal security.

In addition to the organizational bias, the correct identification of drivers allows you to use features such as sending messages via WhatsApp to the driver of the vehicle.

Only with the identification of the drivers is it possible to access our detailed Driver Reports, with relevant information categorized by day, routes or all drivers.

There are two ways to identify your fleet drivers:

Contele Driver Driver Application, the most suitable way. Know more.

Manually, choosing which Driver is the driver of the vehicle. This option is configurable by the system or through the Contele Fleet App (Managers).

Remembering that our modern solution via app allows the driver to always have the identifier in hand, avoiding unidentified driving and possible future problems with his fleet, especially in cases of accidents, fines and traffic violations.

The Contele Rastreador helps you with the identification control, generating an event and alerting by your cell phone and e-mail whenever a driver does not identify himself, in a period of 5 minutes.

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