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How to create the best route to a location

In the Vehicle Map, double click on the desired Vehicle.

Then enter the address to find a location and confirm by entering.

The system will make the best route informing the distance from one point to another and the estimated travel time.

After generating the best route for a location, you can send that route to a driver by clicking "Share route".

Best route
With the Route created, you can click on "Share" and send it to the Driver via Whatsapp

How to check if the driver made the best route?

In Contele Fleet Tracking, it is possible to visualize the Routes already taken by the Vehicles.

There are two ways to get this information:

On the side menu, click on Reports and then on Routes;
On the Map, double click on the desired Vehicle and select Show Routes.

Under Routes, select the desired period you want to filter.

Once this is done, the system will show all Vehicle itineraries in the period.

You can see the route plotted on the map by clicking Show Route.

On the Map, you will have the option to Show Best Route, and with that, the route drawn in blue will be the one the driver made, and the colored route will be the one he should have taken.

Route done in blue, Best route in green

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