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To give more Autonomy in Managing your Fleet , Contele Tracker uses the self-installation method.

The equipment arrives already configured for you, just follow the installation steps.

Installer and Online Test Center

Installation is simple, as the customer has autonomy and responsibility to carry out the installation, hiring the desired technician or doing it himself.

To give you an idea, installing the tracker is simpler than installing a car stereo.

The modules are already configured and ready for installation, just read the QR Code on the module to access the video, the electrical diagram and the online test page;

There at the Installer Center, the person responsible for the installation can see Tutorial Videos and take the Online Signal Test .

Models Used:

Standard Model
Compact Model
Plug and Play model

See more details at Installer Center and in the article: What is the brand or model of Contele Rastreador?

Who should install?

Automotive sound and alarm stores, auto electrical, professionals installing specific trackers, electricians or automotive mechanics of the company itself.

Just Google the term "Car Sound & Alarm Stores" and you'll find several stores near your area.

If you still can't find it, you can contact our support, and we'll make a referral for you. This part is just an indication and the commercial agreement with the technician will be your responsibility.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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