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📌 The procedure below will permanently erase any data that has not yet been synchronized. Make sure that all data has been synchronized before or if it is not possible to synchronize due to a problem, perform the forced backup procedure of the information in the app.
If the installed Contele app crashes, doesn't open, doesn't respond, or isn't working properly, try these steps:

Clear Data and Cache on Android

The procedure below may vary slightly depending on the Android version.

Go to the Settings or Adjustments menu;
Select Applications or Manage Applications;
Find and tap the Contele app;
Press the Clear data or Clear data button. ⚠️ In newer versions of Android, you will need to tap on Storage first to see the Erase data option.

After this procedure, just log back into the application.

Didn't the above procedure solve your problem? See an Android guide on how to proceed:

Fix an installed Android app that isn't working

Clear Data and Cache on iOS

To clear data and cache on iOS just uninstall the app and install again .

Have all of the above procedures been performed and the problem has not yet been solved? Get in touch with our experts!

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