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The Contele Tracker allows you to install sensors in the vehicle and can be used to indicate whether:

A door is open;

The warning light is on;
The vehicle battery has been disconnected;
The horn was activated;
The air conditioning is on;
The brake was applied;
The hood or trunk has been opened.

Configuring the sensors

In order to configure the sensors event, it is necessary that you have requested in the contracting, the availability of the wires that are already in the door entries of the tracker.
With the names of each sensor and the number of ports used in hand, go to ‘’ Vehicles ’’ in the system menu, then select for ‘’ Edit ’’ .

Scroll down to the ‘’ Sensor configuration ’’ part

In ‘‘ Sensor Settings ’’ there is the possibility of configuring 4 sensors:

Sensor 2
Sensor 3
Sensor 4
Sensor 5

The support from Contele Rastreadores has already sent the module to you with the label indicating which wire corresponds to any sensor (2, 3, 4 or 5).
But if you still have doubts, see the layout below to understand which are the sensor wire inputs in the modules:

Input 11: Sensor 3
Input 12: Sensor 2
Input 13: Sensor 5
Input 14: Sensor 4

Click here to see the Tracker Manual

Once you find the right Sensor, fill in the name of the event in the field of the sensor that was installed and click ‘’ Save ’’ to start receiving reports about that event.

How to access the Sensor event report

Still in the system, go to ‘’ Reports ’’ and click ‘’ Events ’’ .

After that, click ‘’ All ’’ and select ‘’ Sensors ’’


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