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You can Lock or Unlock a vehicle via the computer or the mobile application.

In addition, it is possible to cancel a lock command before it is executed, when it is in pending status. The pending or executed command indication appears in the
vehicle list.

Through the system:
To Lock or Unlock a vehicle via the system (WEB), access Lock in the Menu , go to "Command" , and choose the desired command and vehicle.

You will be able to see the "History" of the Locks and Unlocks sent, with the "Creation Date" and "Modification Date" .

Through the app:
To send a vehicle lock command through the application, just choose the desired vehicle, click on the 3 points and select the option of ”Block" .

After blocking, the option to "Unblock" will appear, following the same path to perform the action.

Warning: We do not recommend using the Lock in case of theft or theft of the vehicle. In such cases, call the Police immediately.

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