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How to register vehicles

Vehicle registration is only done by Tracker Contele Support.

This registration is done when the modules are contracted.

How to Add or Remove Modules

To add or remove modules from your fleet, you can do this in two ways:

Through the chat located in this Help Center, in the lower right corner;
Through the chat located on the system, in the lower right corner;

In both cases, you must inform that you are a client of Contele Rastreador and that you need to contact Financial (Boletos, Notes and Plans) .

After that, choose one of the following options:

Plans and Additives to add modules;
Cancel or Reduce to remove modules.

How to Edit Vehicle Information

With Vehicles registered by support, you can now edit their information in the system.

To do this, access the side menu and click on Vehicles and then on the desired Vehicle.

The screen will show a series of tabs with information about the Vehicle:

Vehicle data: name, license plate, vehicle type, etc.
Events and Usage Hours: Maximum speed, maximum time of the vehicle stopped with the engine running, days and times of use.
Maintenance: Events to be registered when the Vehicle reaches the configured odometer.
Documentation: Grouping of fleet documents.
Map view: Color and icon that the vehicle will appear on the map.
Notifications: Define which events you want to be notified by email or app.

Important: All required tab items must be completed, represented by red asterisk *

Events are configurable notifications which, when triggered, alert about Vehicle speed exceeded, Vehicle use outside working hours, among other Events. Learn more.

For additions or replacements of new tracker modules, it is necessary to contact the Support or Consultant so that they update the information of this Vehicle in the system.

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