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The Driver Identification from the Contele Driver APP is a great tool for the company and for the driver himself.

With a few clicks, the driver can enter his PIN and identify himself as the driver of the vehicle;

Driver PIN in Contele's Driver application

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How to find the Driver's PIN

The manager has easy access to the driver's PIN.

In the system's side menu, the Manager must access Drivers and check the list of registered Drivers.

The PIN Column displays the 4-digit code with letters and numbers (Ex: 19FM), which is what the Driver must use to identify himself in the Vehicle.

Note: This code is unique and non-transferable, and must never be shared by more than one Driver.

How to identify yourself in the Contele Driver Application

After receiving the Driver code, the driver simply opens the application and inserts its code.

He will also need to insert the Vehicle License Plate (which must be registered in the system), to make the association.

Tip: Use the Whatsapp shortcut within Contele Tracker to quickly send the PIN to each driver.
The Driver will only need to do this once as the application will have the PIN registered.

If the cell phone is shared with other drivers, the driver can remove his PIN from the app before returning the vehicle.

Right after your identification, the application will ask if the Driver's CNH is expired, revoked or suspended.

It is very important to remind the Driver and Manager that driving with an expired, revoked or suspended driver's license can result in a fine, score and even confiscation of the Vehicle.

The Contele Driver is not recognizing my PIN, what should I do?

If you're trying to access the Contele driver on your cell phone and it doesn't pass PIN verification, there are 5 reasons why this might be happening:

You as Driver are disabled in the system. For this, the manager needs to go to Users and check if their Status is Enabled or Disabled.
The Vehicle is Disabled in the system. To solve this, the manager needs to activate it by accessing Vehicles > Choose the desired vehicle and activate it in Vehicle Status.
Vehicle uses Ibutton to enter.
The Vehicle has a standard driver for use.
The PIN entered is incorrect.

For all situations, contact the person responsible for Vehicles to solve the problem.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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