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Refueling record by APP Contele Driver is a powerful tool for driver and manager to reduce fuel costs.

In the application, the Driver simply and quickly records the supply performed.

Record of Supplies

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How to register a Refueling in the APP Driver Contele

See how fast and easy it is to fill a Supply:

In the application, the Driver can make a new registration by clicking on Menu > Supply .

In the list of supplies, click the ➕ button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

The Supplies registration screen will automatically load the Date and Time, all you need to do is fill in:

Vehicle Exact Odometer ;
Liters (respecting the 3 places after the comma);
Total price (respecting the 2 places after the comma);
Price per liter (it will be automatic, after filling in the Total Price);
Full or Partial: Choose whether the Tank is being fully or partially filled;
Fuel Type : Choose between Gasoline, Ethanol, Diesel and CNG (Natural Gas Vehicle);
Take a photo: Attach a photo with the supply invoice, and also take a photo of the odometer.
Notes: Report anything relevant about this supply.

After submission, the Supply will be on the list and can be edited or deleted.

How to record refueling days or hours later (end of day)

If the day is busy, and the Driver is not able to register the Refueling on time, he can do it at another time and place.

With the Delivery Note, it is necessary to edit 3 pieces of information when registering:

Vehicle odometer;

Tip: In this case, write down the Supply information in the note, as in the image below.

Write down the supply information in the note

After registering the delivery, it is not possible to attach an NF later.

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