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Vehicle Checklist Guarantees the safety of Driver and Vehicle .

This feature is a quick, mostly visual check that the driver of the Vehicle must respond whenever using a Company Vehicle.

Vehicle Checklist in Contele Driver App

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With this registration, the Driver guarantees the condition of the Vehicle upon receipt and delivery, forwarding to the company everything that happens with the Vehicle.

How to use the Checklist in the Contele Driver Application

With the Driver already identified, the application menu will show the Checklist option.

If there is any irregularity in the Vehicle, click on the "Yes" button.

Then select the available irregularities:
Damage to bodywork;
Broken lamp;
Flat / bald tire;
Dirty / Disorganized;
Different noise;
Connection difficulties;
Problem with vehicle documents;

If none of the options are suitable for you, select the Other option and add Notes.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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