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The KM Report groups the information on Distance Traveled and Total and Individual Vehicle Expenses.

Of the 10 information that the Report presents, the main ones are:

Total distance;
Cost (in R$);

KM Report

In the Vehicles column, the system informs the Vehicle Stage, if it is in Maintenance, in Use and In Use. Learn more.

How to access the KM report

In the side menu, access KM Report, "Select the desired period", and click on Generate report to check the results on the screen.

The pre-existing periods of the system are:
Last 7 days;
Last 30 days.

Advanced Filters
In addition to searching by period, the Manager can filter the Report in other ways:

Vehicle Type;
Year of vehicle;
Type of fuel;
Time used;

KM Report Results

When carrying out the desired filters and clicking on Generate Report the results of “Total Distance Traveled” and “Total Real Spending” will appear.

Total Spend is an estimate and a calculated value based on the fuel cost that you configured yourself.

You can use the keyword search to find the vehicle you want.

Furthermore, the KM Report can be exported to Excel and PDF files by clicking on the icon present at the top of the screen (see image above).

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