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How many kilometers have your vehicles traveled in the past month?

How much does your fleet cost per kilometer?

Well, if you still don't have those answers that help you to price your fleet, the KM Report has the answers.

Access KM Report, "Select the desired period" , and see the results on the screen.

The pre-existing periods of the system are:
7 days;
30 days;
This month;
Last month.

In addition to the pre-existing periods, you can use the "Custom" filter, which allows you to create the report for the period you want.

The KM Report only contains information until yesterday.

KM Report Results

When performing the desired filters, the "Totals" will appear, with the "Total Distance" and the "Total Cost" .

Total Cost is an estimated value, calculated based on fuel cost that you set up yourself.

You can still use the "Filter" features to search for the desired vehicle.

In addition, the KM Report can be exported to Excel by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen.

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