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After the Logistic Service is created in the system, it will automatically appear in the driver's Contele Driver.

Logistics Service: How to make a scheduling

To find the Logistic Service, log into Contele Driver and go to Routes.

There you will find the routes that have been planned for you.


As in the image above, two routes will always be created for a Location, one will be the departure (where the day starts) and the second route will be returning from the Location (after the service is done).

In this article, we will present how the Logistic Service can be used according to your work, demonstrating examples for those who work with chartering, deliveries and maintenance.


Entering Logistic Service in Contele Driver, you will access the One-Way Route, where the screen will display the:

Starting Point: This is the point from where you will start the route.
Stopping Points: Addresses where the driver must stop
Final Destination: It is the last stop of the Vehicle. In our example it could be the company where the passengers are going to work.
Check-in: Check-in is given after the Vehicle is started.

One Way Routes

Departure point: In the case of charters, this is the address where the passenger will board. In the case of deliveries, it is the delivery points, and so on.

Viewing Routes

After checking in, the driver must take the routes to the indicated points.

In the application, the best route for the driver to follow is already available.

To view the route, click on your current destination and then click on the map icon. A screen will open with options of applications you can choose to view the route, such as Waze and Google Maps.

You must have a GPS application installed on your phone to view the route.

Tap the map icon to view the Best Route

Validate Boarding

After you perform service at the planned point, be it a embarkation, delivery or maintenance service, you will validate the point by clicking on the check icon ✅

There are two ways:

Validate by QR Code: The driver will scan the QR code of the passenger (in cases of charters), where it is found in the passenger portal (Read this article to learn how to access)

Validate manually: The driver presses this option, validating without the need to present the QR Code.

Validate passenger

In cases of delivery services or technical service, validation should only be done after completing the proposed service.

Final Destination and Checkout

After finalizing the final destination, the driver must do the Check-out.

If your case is chartered, and you will pick these people up on the way back, it will be necessary to make the reverse trip, and for this, the second Logistic Service created will be used.

For the return trip, the manager must make a Logistics Service with the same points, but with the route in reverse.
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