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In the Logistics Service, Locations are addresses of stopping points for, for example, carrying out a shipment or delivery point.

In Locations, location addresses and people / passengers can be registered, in the case of companies that carry out charters and trips.

How to Create a Place

In the Logistics Service, go to Locations and click Register Location .

On the registration screen, you will fill in the following information:

Name, phone and email;
Identification: Code to facilitate scheduling, and for the passenger follow the route;
Associate Client: Associate with a Client that you have already associated on the previous page;
Tag: Tag this location. It is possible to create Tags at the time of editing;
External id:
Additional data and access key;
Special and arrival address.

Then record the embarkation and disembarkation address (if any) from this Location.

Then click Save.

Once the location is saved, when you return to editing, you will find a QR Code , which will be used for the driver to present the code to the passenger, read it and board the vehicle.

If the passenger is with a companion, click on the Accompanying data button to record the information for that person.
The Special button was made to identify to the driver that that transport will be made for PwD (People with Disabilities). This way, the driver will know that driving must be extremely careful.

Access key

In Logistics Service Locations, there is a function that you can activate, which is the Access Key.

By activating the Access Key, this passenger will be able to follow the vehicle's route by mobile phone, through a page of our domain on the mobile phone.

To access the page, you will need to login with your identification code and access key. Learn more in this article.

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Date of last article update: September 02, 2021
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