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To create planned itineraries for your Customer , the first step is to register them in the Logistic Service.

How to register customers

In the side menu, access Logistics Service and click on Customers .

On the Customers screen, click Register Customer .

Then, the customer registration area is opened, which consists of fields that must be filled out.

To register, it is mandatory to fill in the fields of:

Corporate Name;

After filling in, click on Save.

We recommend that you fill in all the customer registration fields, as it may be more practical for you, such as contact name, telephone and email.

How to edit a customer

If you need to edit a record you made, it's simple.

On the screen Customers , a list of all customers registered in the system is displayed.

Just click on what you want to edit to make the necessary changes.

How to disable a client

If for some reason your company no longer works with a Client, it is possible to deactivate it in Contele Rastreador.

In the list of Customers, disable who you want by changing the "Verify" option in the Status column.

If the Status column isn't showing for you, just activate it like in the gif below:

Use the search field to search for a specific customer.

How to export the customer list.

As with all our Reports, in the Logistics Service, you can export Clients to a spreadsheet.

In the list header, scroll to the upper right corner and click on the spreadsheet icon. A link will be generated to download the spreadsheet.

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Date of last article update: September 02, 2021
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