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What are Logistics Services

The Logistics Services serve to create planned routes in Customers , with stopping points between Locations , and associate Drivers with Services .

This function is for Services such as Passenger Transport, Cargo and Deliveries, among other services that may be created by you.

On the Logistics Services screen, you can view the list of registered services, with Start Date, End Date, Status, Stopping Points, among other information.

Requirements to Create a Logistics Service

To create a Logistics Service it is necessary to have registered Customers and Locations, which can be accessed via the Menu button.

Clients: Fill in the name, CPF / CNPJ, contact details and address of the Client who will use the Logistics Service;
Locations: These are stopping point addresses, which will be used in the Logistics Service, as a loading or delivery point;

How to Create a Logistics Service

On the Logistics Services screen, click on "Register Service" , and fill in the information on the tabs:


Here, the main information of the Logistics Service will be provided:

Service Type: You can create or add a Service Type, which can be customizable. It serves to categorize the Services, enabling easy identification in reports;

Embarkation and Disembarkation time: Time in which the vehicle will be stopped between one stopping point and another. This time will be added to the estimated route time;

Client: Associate the Client requesting the service;

Vehicle: Associate the Vehicle that will be used in the service;

Period: Select the period of validity of the service;

Days of the week: Days the service will run;

Initial Destination: Vehicle's starting point for the service;

Final destination: The final address of the service route;

Activate Round Trip: If necessary, activate this function to set up a return, such as a passenger transport. Choose the departure time (departure from the initial destination to the final destination) and the return time (departure from the final destination to the initial destination);


Select Drivers and the days he will drive.

You can select one or more Drivers by clicking the "Add Drivers" button.

It is not possible to select more than one Driver for the same day.

Stop Points

Add the breakpoints between the configured destinations, which can be registered in 3 different ways:

Client: Search for a Client and load all the Sites associated with the Client;
Location: Searching for a specific location;
Tags: Search for a tag and load all places associated with it;

Route Map

After adding the Stop Points, on the Route Map, the route that the Vehicle must take will be visible.

You will be able to select the days you want, being able to consult the details and the history of the services.

It is also possible to monitor in real time a Logistics Service running .

Customer Access Code

The Customer Access Code is what must be used by your customer to access and monitor the service via mobile.

Kind of Service

Registered service types and new types can be edited and registered.

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