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They are objective video classes, where you will learn to use the Contele Tracker (System and APP), reducing costs and increasing vehicle productivity.

Tip: Find your question quickly in Training using the Ctrl + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) command. If you're on your cell phone, search your smartphone screen for "Find on Page" or "Search"

Training modules:

Introduction to the system
Vehicle Map
General Settings
Events and vehicle groups
Help and reference center and earn
Applications and content
Final Considerations

Module 1 - Introduction

Teacher Presentation and How the Course Works

System Summary

How to Achieve Cost Reduction and Increased Productivity

Module 2 - Vehicle Map

See on Map

Vehicle Status

Individual View and its Information

Best Route

Module 3 - General Settings

Configuring Vehicles

Configuring Events and Notifications

Registering Drivers

4 Ways to Identify the Driver of a Fleet Vehicle

Registering Users

Module 4 - Reports

Report Km

Route Report

Vehicle Status Report

Productivity Report

Event Report

Audit Report

Driver Reports by Day, by Route and all 1

Module 5 - Vehicle Groups and Events

Vehicle Groups

Associate a Vehicle Group with a User

Electronic Fences

Module 6 - Help Center and Refer and Earn

Help Center

Nominate and Win

Register your Idea

Module 7 - Applications and Content

Purpose of Application and How to Install

APP Check Tracker

Don't have the Contele Tracker app yet? Download now the app for iOS (Iphone) or Android.

Driver APP Contele

How Drivers can Help you Manage your Fleet

How to Analyze Notification Emails

Discover the Contele Tracker Blog

Module 8 - Final Considerations

Final Conclusion

Mini Questionnaire - Training Completion Certification

Access the Mini Quiz to obtain Contele Tracker manager training certification.

The certificate will be issued if you achieve a score of 80 points or more.

Important: Use the email registered in Contele Rastreador. In case of a typo in the email, it will be necessary to answer the mini questionnaire again.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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