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What does a car with no sign mean?

The system collects real-time information on the location of your vehicles.

However, if the vehicle is in a shaded area, (area without coverage), the tracker internally stores all information during this period and automatically sends it to the system as soon as the vehicle returns to a connected area.

How do I know if I am receiving information from my vehicle?

The Contele Fleet Map is the first screen you find when you open the system.

There, you can see the position of all your vehicles.

Note that around the icon used to identify your vehicles, there is a colored outline.

This colored outline serves to inform the situation of your vehicles in relation to the signal, which are:

Green: The vehicle has a signal, and you are receiving all information in real time;
White: The vehicle is turned off, there is no information to send until it is turned on again;
Yellow: The vehicle is currently without signal (passing through an area with no internet connection);
Red: The vehicle is not receiving a signal, and you have not been receiving information about it for more than 24 hours.

If your vehicle is indicating that it has not received a signal for more than 24 hours, you need to make sure that the tracker has not been disconnected or that it has been parked in an area without coverage.

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