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If you are not receiving emails from Contele Fleet, follow the steps below to solve the problem:

1st Step:
Request the release or addition of the email in the whitelist of your email service.

For this, you only need to pass the IT team of your company or person responsible for managing emails, the following data:
Our sender's email:

You can also save the email address as a Contact in your email service. This action will help your email server understand that our emails sent in the future should go to your inbox.

2nd Step:
Confirm that the email entered or registered is correct.

It seems simple and obvious, but in 95% of cases of emails that do not arrive, are registered or were typed incorrectly.


Plural emails that are not;
Dots and symbols that do not exist as "." (dot) or "_" (underline);
Incomplete domain: and not

3rd Step:

Verify that the recipient's email is not experiencing any problems, such as a full inbox or being temporarily offline.

To do this test, you can send an email to the recipient and check your email for the return of that email. In many cases, e-mail servers return messages in English stating the error.

Unfortunately these emails usually go to your email's spam box, so don't forget to check that box in your email too.

4th Step:

If you have already checked all the steps above and still have not resolved it, what may be happening is that the recipient's email server may have marked our email as spam, so our tool has stopped sending emails. emails, pasting the email
in a list.

Removing the email from this list is very simple and is done in a few hours by the Contele team.

For this, contact us by online chat on the right side of this screen, or within the system.

Warning: It is very important that you perform Step 1, to prevent your email from re-marking the sender's email as spam again and as a result, you stop receiving system emails again.

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