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What it is and what it is for

The KM Reached Event is a resource used to help manage vehicle maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is about 30% more economical than reparative maintenance.

With this feature you determine the number of the km in which to remember to repair some items of the vehicle.

To use the KM Reached event you need to have the vehicle odometer configured. Find out how to adjust your odometer in "How do I register my vehicle's odometer?"
Configuring the KM Reached event:

Access "Vehicles" in the menu on the left side of the Contele Fleet home screen.

Choose the vehicle you want to create the event by clicking on the Edit icon. The ‘‘KM Reached" setting is at the bottom of the page.

Choose an event name and determine the mileage of the odometer you will receive the reminder for.

To receive the event by e-mail, you must select the option to receive notification at the bottom of the page, and save the settings.

With the ‘’ KM Reached ’’ feature you can register events such as:

Oil change;
Complete review;
Vehicle exchange, among others.

KM Reached Reports

After setting up the event, you can access reports for each vehicle, or for all vehicles, if desired.

To access the report, go to ‘’ Reports ’’ , then ‘’ Events ’’ and place the desired filters, the result will be like the page below:

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