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The Driver Reader , as it is a hardware (Physical Device), may present possible problems or malfunctions.

Here you can check for possible problems, fix them or, if necessary, contact us.

The Reader doesn't stop beeping

Does the reader keep Beeping Non-Stop , even putting more than one key?

In this case, our Support will have to intervene, as it will be necessary to disable the reader and make the exchange.

Contact us via the system chat and click on "Install or Replace Tracker" so that Support can answer you quickly.

Driver Does Not Appear on the System

The reader stops beeping when placing the key normally in the identifier, but the driver does not appear in the system.

In this case, it is necessary to check the Key ID Registration , which may be registered with a wrong number or not registered in the system.

To check or correct the Key ID:

Go to Menu> Drivers;
Click on the driver name;
Under Key ID, verify that the code displayed is the same as the Physical Render.

Reader does not beep when vehicle starts

If the Reader does not beep when turning on the Vehicle, it is necessary to check if the Reader is connected to the tracker , as it may come loose from the socket.

To check the tracker installation tutorial, see Installation Center.

If connected correctly, Support will need to intervene to verify your configuration and reset it. If it remains without beep, it will be necessary to change the tracker.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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