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The Route Report is one of the Contele Tracker's most complete reports.

In this article, you'll learn how to access it and find out what information it contains.

To provide more accuracy and speed, Routes are generated in the Route Report only after the vehicle is turned off. With the Vehicle turned on, you can follow the Route through the Vehicle Map.

How to Access

There are 3 ways to access the Route Report:

In the side menu, click on Reports > Routes ;
On the map, clicking on Vehicle List, look for the Vehicle and click on the icon . side of the name;
On the map, double-click directly on a vehicle. Then click Show Routes .

How to track a Vehicle's Route in the Route Report

You can view a Vehicle's route while it is in progress.

In the Route Report, select a Vehicle and the period from Today to generate the search

Click on the Vehicle's in Progress Route.

The map with the Vehicle's dashed route will open.

Vehicle on the Way

While the vehicle is on a route, that is, with the engine running and traveling, a green icon will signal this status.

Vehicle on the way

Important: After a long period of area leftover, the Tracker prioritizes sending the current location. Then, while the route is not completed, you can view a route that still has some points that were not sent from the module to the system.

Route Report Columns

The Route Report provides information about the routes that were taken on a given day by a given Vehicle.

Provides data on:

Start and end of a route;
Elapsed time;
Total distance;
Fuel cost;
Average and Maximum Route Speed;
Vehicle driver.
Starting and ending address.

Due to its large number of columns, you can show or hide columns as per your needs.

Hide columns as needed

With this data, it is possible to know if the Driver made the Best Route, possible Speed ​​Offense Events, when the Vehicle started and the last time it was turned off.

How to Use the Route Report

In the Route Report, first select the vehicle you want to analyze .

Then choose the date to be viewed. The report has been uploaded!

You can view individual routes in two ways: by map and by report.

On the map, just click on the View on Map icon in the Map column.

In the Report, click the Routes per day button.

How to Export the Route Report

Once the Report is generated in Contele Tracerador, it is possible to export the information in .xlxs and PDF formats.

At the top of the report, click Generate PDF or Export to Excel .

When selecting many Report columns to export, PDF may be generated with line wrapping.

My Report is Not Showing All Routes

This situation can occur due to situations where the tracker module is without signal.

However, this does not mean that you have lost this information.

The tracker module has a data logger (data logger) that stores all routes and information made by the Vehicle.

As the data logger is updated, routes and other information are updated together in the system.

To ensure the security and reliability of the information, it is not possible to exclude Routes from the Report.

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