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If you have come this far, you have already faced the need to communicate with your drivers by cell phone.

The process was long, and usually involved copying the cell phone number from the register, adding the number to your contact list, opening WhatsApp on your smartphone ... time-consuming, right?

Now we facilitate this process, making it much faster, more efficient and more concise .

Want to know how? Check it out below!

How to contact the Driver via Whatsapp using Contele Fleet:

Click on the Whatsapp icon accessing the Menu > Map > Vehicle List, to send a message to a Driver with a registered cell number.

The system will redirect you to chat with him, saving you valuable time!

And the most important: The whole process takes place on your computer, without the need to change devices .

⚠️ Attention: Do not talk to the Driver while he is driving. Avoid putting your life and that of others at risk.

How to register the Whatsapp number of the Driver:

You can Register or change the number of the phone number of the Driver WITH the area code by accessing the Menu> Drivers> Edit .

If the number is incorrect, Whatsapp will inform you that this number is not valid. Update Driver registration and try again.

You need to have Whatsapp connected via browser or through application, available for Windows or Mac OS.

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