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The "Show detailed" function is for you to know more information such as:
Time when the vehicle passed on a certain segment of the route;
Speed ​​at which the vehicle passed the location.

To get to the function, you need to go to the "Route Report" and click on view the route of a route.

When you click “Show detailed” , a few boxes will appear on the route. Just hover over it, and check the time and speed the vehicle was at that location.

These "squares" have different colors to give you more information. They work as follows:

Red: The point on the route at which the vehicle reached the highest speed.

Green: This point was transmitted to the system at the same time it was captured.

Gray: They are called Datalogger, this point was captured by the tracker, and transmitted to the system seconds or minutes later. This is due to a queue of existing points to be transmitted, and also when the vehicle passes through a shaded area.

In places farther from the cities it is common to have more Datalogger points (stored), as the shadow area is larger. See the example below with several gray dots:

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