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With the Supply Control it is possible to manage fuel efficiently, reaching the following data:

Fuel consumption (km / l) of each vehicle;
Monthly fuel cost ($);
Total amount (liters) consumed monthly;
Records of who provided, on what day and in what quantity.

Thus, it is possible to find Vehicles that consume more than the average , pointing out maintenance problems, driving mode, among others.

In addition, you will be able to set fuel reduction targets.

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How to register a Refueling in the APP Driver Contele

In the application, the Driver simply and quickly records the supply performed.

Record of supplies

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Supply report

Supply report

All filled supplies will be available in the system and can be accessed ​​in the Menu Reports > Supplies > Records.

To generate a report, select one or more registered Drivers and Vehicles, filter a time period and click on "Generate report".

The Report provides the following information:

Location: Click on the map to check where the supply was made;
Delivery date;
Type of fuel:;
Quantity: Total quantity of liters of supply. The record must always respect the 3 places after the comma;
Price $);
Odometer: The Tracker Count's odometer may have a small difference from the Vehicle's;
Tank: Refueling may have been Full (Full Tank) or Partial;
Actual Average: It is the Fuel Consumption (Km / l), considering the previous Refueling Odometer.
And more.

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Productivity Tip: Instruct your drivers to always refill a full tank. Learn more.

Consumption per vehicle

Also in the Menu Refueling, under Consumption per Vehicle, it is possible to access the average monthly fuel consumption per Vehicle.

After selecting the Vehicle and the desired period, the fuel consumption history (km / l) will be loaded, separated by month.

In Average (km / l), the average of all Columns that are visible on the screen is displayed.

Cost per month

To see the cost and amount of liters filled in the month, go to Supplies > Cost per month.

In the reports, it is possible to filter by Vehicles and time period, facilitating your Supplies analysis.

How to export the supply report

All Supplies Reports approved above can be exported in Excel and PDF format.

To export the desired report, click on the "Export" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Important: The report will always be exported considering the filters used.

What is the difference between refueling fuel consumption (Actual Average) and Estimated Cost Value?

There are 2 ways to get costs and fuel consumption:

Supply (Average and actual consumption): Using the Contele APP Driver, which will cross the fuel x odometer information, arriving at the real average.

How the Real Average (km / l) of supplies is calculated:
(Current Fill Odometer - Last Fill Odometer) / Liters filled to fill the tank

To know the Real Average of consumption, it is necessary to have at least 2 sequential fillings of Tank Full (Full) .

Vehicle configuration (estimated cost): Using standard vehicle configuration, where the average consumption of that Vehicle and the amount spent per liter are recorded.

This cost is considered estimated as it is based on a standard vehicle configuration. However, in reality, the value of a liter of fuel and the average consumption can vary.

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