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System Usage Score

It is a function that points out how much you are using the system. You can achieve up to 100% usage if you complete all items.

You will find the % of system usage in the upper left corner and whenever you click, you will have access to what has already been completed and what remains to be done.

How to access more details:

Click on the image with the % or the incentive phrase:

After clicking:

Within the system, you find in each item a quick guide for you to understand the importance of using and how to use.


View what is not configured in each vehicle:

Click on the top tab of the Vehicle Window and view the list. The icons in $ {color} [# 0432ff] (blue) show what is configured and what is in $ {color} [# 7a7a7a] (gray), which is not configured.

Score update:

It can be automatic that occurs every 24 hours or it can be manual that occurs when clicking on the synchronization item (on the left, before the name) to check if the item has already been completed.

Each item has its system usage % (weight)

Next to the name, you can find out what weight that action represents from using the system.

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