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The Tracker Disconnected Event records whenever a tracking device is disconnected from the Vehicle's power supply.

When this type of event happens, don't worry!

This does not mean that the vehicle was stolen, damaged or otherwise. It just means that the tracker module has been disconnected from the Vehicle power supply and needs to be replaced.

If you notice that the Tracker was intentionally disconnected by the Driver, consider ways to notify the driver internally. Learn more.

How to receive notification of this Event?

To configure Tracker Disconnected Event notifications, go to Vehicles and select the desired one.

In the screen Vehicle Edition , go to Notifications and mark in Tracker Disconnected Event and fill in the fields you want to be notified, which can be APP or E-mail.

Didn't download the Contele Tracker app to receive notifications? Download right now for Android (Google Play) or iOS (App Store).
Only vehicles with the Compact and Plug and Use model trackers have this notification option. The Standard model does not generate this type of event.

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