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Currently on the market, there are 3 ways in which a vehicle tracker can work:

Satellite (100% GPS) or hybrid with GSM and GPS communication

Services focused on location. They have a longer update time due to cost and technology, and lower quality routes and all data for fleet management, such as odometer.

Contele Rastreador does not use this format, as our value proposition is to offer high technology at low cost.

Radio Frequency

This technology relies heavily on the proximity of the antenna and is used to carry baits.

As our focus is on fleet management, we decided not to offer this option either.

GSM communication and GPS positioning (GSM + GPS)

This is the one used by Contele Rastreador, as we believe it is the best way to update quickly and accurately, at a low cost for companies.

The tracker module installed in the vehicle communicates with the satellite, captures the coordinates and sends, through the mobile internet (GPRS), information about the location and speed points to our system.

GPS: Global Positioning System, is a satellite positioning system

GSM: Global System for Mobile is the world's most popular standard mobile technology for cell phones.

GPRS: First generation of data in mobile telephony, used until today in credit card machines.

Incorrect installation or fitting of the antenna may generate incorrect data on the system.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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