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If for any reason, the driver makes none of the three identification possibilities (application, manually or by the physical reader) when accessing the vehicle, we provide a powerful tool for the Manager to stay on top of what happens in his fleet: Driver Events Not identified.

Shall we talk more deeply about them?

About the event

Every unidentified Driver will generate an Event inside the Contele Fleet, with the name "Unidentified Driver".

The maximum limit imposed for the driver to identify himself is up to 5 minutes, after which the event generation is automatic.

If after 1 hour the Driver does not identify himself, a new event will be generated as an alert.

Events will be generated periodically until the Driver identifies himself, or while the vehicle is running.

You can access the Unidentified Driver Event, in Report and then Events.

Tip: You can be alerted via Push on your cell phone whenever a driver does not identify himself.

Important: It is vital for the health of your fleet that everyone who operates is always identified.

We hope that using the correct tools, you can optimize further your fleet management .

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