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The Vehicle Checklist is a technique used in large companies and it reduces by up to 16% the total cost of vehicle maintenance.

This is a series of checks on the vehicle, mostly simply visual, and that must be done every time the vehicle is used, such as:

Check if the tank is in reserve;
If it is dirty or disorganized;
With some broken bulb;
Among other things.

To learn more, go to How to use the checklist to reduce vehicle maintenance

How to use the vehicle checklist in the Contele driver APP:

Vehicle checklist in APP Contele driver

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Using the Contele Driver app via iOS or Android, the Driver will enter their PIN and then complete a Vehicle Checklist in the app itself.

The Driver will only have to fill in the Checklist when picking up the vehicle and then register the return of the vehicle (only in case of change of driver).

📲 The App also works without internet (offline), the driver only needs to fill out the Vehicle Checklist and, when the smartphone is connected to the internet, the data will be sent to the system automatically.
Vehicle Checklist Report

All Vehicle Checklists are automatically sent to the system when filling out (except in cases without internet, which are sent after connection).

You can access through Reports > Checklist and use the Drivers, Vehicles and Dates filters.

The system will display the columns:

Map: Exact location where the Checklist was filled out;
Date: Day and time the Checklist was completed;
Time: Time of filling;
Vehicle: Vehicle that registered the Checklist;
Vehicle information: License plate, model, year, etc;
Driver: The Driver who completed the Checklist;
Checklist Items: Items that have been selected on the Checklist, indicating irregularities.
Note: Identifies if, in the Checklist, the Driver recorded any observation in addition to the items.

When a Checklist is populated with one or more occurrences, the Report displays the data in red, highlighting the information.

Checklist Items

How to export the Vehicle Checklist Report:

To export the Vehicle Checklist Report, click on the "Export" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

The report will be exported in Excel, with all columns.

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