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The Vehicle Map is the main page of Contele Fleet Tracking, the one that opens when you log into the system.

On the map, the manager is able to:

Track Vehicle route in real time;
View all vehicles in the fleet;
Plan routes (Learn more);
View electronic fences;
Select the vehicle group;
View vehicle details (status, routes and driver);
Use Streetview;

The automatic update of the Vehicle's route and location is done every 15 seconds

Status of vehicles and vehicle groups

In Contele Fleet Tracking Map, the manager can filter the view of Vehicles on the Map in two ways:

Viewing by its Status;
Visualization of the Group;

To view by Vehicle Status, click "Show Details" in the top left corner.

The system will show the status of your fleet, informing you if the vehicles are:

In shadow area;
No signal for more than 24 hours;
No tracker installed;

Click on the desired Status:

Show details

Also, you can view Vehicles in Groups.

To do this, click on the upper right corner and select a Vehicle Group.

This feature is used by companies that have a large number of vehicles, that have different types of vehicles in their fleet (car, truck), or with different functions (delivery, technical assistance).

If you have many vehicles positioned in one place and you want to locate a specific one, zoom in on the location until you can see them separately using the mouse scroll or pressing the plus (+) button in the right corner of the map.

How to view individual vehicle information?
Through the Map, it is possible to access the information of each Vehicle.

To do this, click on the desired Vehicle and then on the show details icon 👁.

From this field, the Manager can access Reports and add the Vehicle to a Group.

If the vehicle is on, you can track the vehicle's route time by clicking Show most recent routes.

How to view individual information

In the system, it is possible to register the driver's WhatsApp and send messages directly to him through Contele Fleet Tracking.

Want to know how to create routes by map? Learn more in this article:

How does the Best Route work?

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