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The Vehicle Requests is a Contele Tracker feature that serves to track the Use Requests for your company's Vehicles.

Check, approve or disapprove vehicle pickup requests.

To access the function, open the tab on the left and click on Requests .

On the main screen, you will have a listing with information about:

Requesting User: Person who requested the use of the Vehicle;
Vehicle: Vehicle requested;
Driver: Current vehicle driver;
Period of use: Time the driver will be using the vehicle;
Description of the request: Reason for using the Vehicle;
Status: Indicates whether the request was Approved , Declined or pending.

Pending status is when the request has not yet been approved or denied

How to Place an Order

To request a Vehicle, the Driver must access the link Contele Tracker Request.

Use the login and password you use to log into the system or APP (The Driver must have User access to be able to access).

On the page, in the upper right corner, click Place Request .

From there, perform the following steps:

Description of the order;
Period of use;
Confirmation and shipping.

How to approve a request?

On the Requests screen, if you have a pending request, check the Status column and select Approve or Decline .

How do I know if the request has been approved?

To find out if your request has been approved, simply access the website Request and check if it is in the Approved or Rejected tab.

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