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In Vehicle Status Report , you can check the status of your vehicles in real time.

Vehicle status report

How to Use and Report Resources

To access this Report, click on the side menu > Reports > Vehicle Status.

In this report, you can see information about:

Last record;
Days stopped;
Vehicle stage;
Among other things.

By default, the Report does not present all possible information like this when you open it, but you can select the items you want to see through the tab, located on the last line of the Report, which are:

Year of vehicle;

Vehicle Status Report

Important: The vehicle status report is updated every 15 seconds. You can disable this update by unchecking the “Automatic update” item.

Vehicle Stage

In the column Vehicle Stage , the system presents 3 characteristics of the Vehicle, which are:

Working Normally;
Unused Vehicle;
Vehicle Under Maintenance;

This will help identify these vehicles on the map and in reports.

Vehicle stage

How to Export the Report

Vehicle Status Report can be exported in Excel.

To do this, in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the “Export to Excel” button.

After that, the system will generate a link to download the file in .xlsx format.

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