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In Contele Rastreador, you can determine the days and times the company's Vehicles can be used.

How to configure Events and Vehicle Usage Schedules

In the side menu, access Vehicles and select the Desired Vehicle.

In Vehicle Edition, select the Events and Usage Hours tab.

In this tab, you can:

Configure the days and times that vehicles can be used;
Configure the maximum allowed speed;
Configure the maximum vehicle stop time with the engine running (minutes).

How to configure the days and times of use

In the Events and Usage Schedule tab, click Edit Usage Schedule .

In Setup, you can configure each day of the week and separate the periods of the day by clicking the plus (+) button.

To configure, click on the desired day and choose the Usage Schedule.

What happens if they use the vehicle outside of hours?

If the driver uses a vehicle outside the allowed time, the system will register an Event for you to check more evening.

To receive a Notification at the time of the occurrence , activate the Email and App Notifications.

Productivity tip: Download the Contele Tracker app (Play Store or App Store) or by email.

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