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A route is generated every time your vehicle is on and then off .

Obs. The system will still consider the same route if the vehicle is switched off and on again, in less than 30 seconds.

In the Route Report, each line refers to the route, even if it is a maneuver and lasts only a few seconds.

In addition to the address, you will have registered the following data for each route:

Date and time the route started and ended.
Duration of this route.
Total distance of the route.
Amount in R$ spent on fuel
Average and maximum speed of the route.

You have two ways to access the Route Report:

Access the left side menu, click on “Report” and “Routes”.
On the map screen, click on the desired vehicle, and then click on the “Show Routes” button inside the vehicle information rectangle.

If necessary, click on the option “Display Addresses”, above the header, to see the starting and ending addresses of each route. This option may take a while, as it is necessary to convert all coordinates to addresses.

Tip: See vehicle routes from wherever you are, using the Contele Fleet App.

How to see directions through the app?

Download the Contele Fleet app on Google Play or App Store, and use the same system login.

In the application, go to "List", click on the 3 points next to the desired vehicle, and select the option "Recent Routes (2 days)" or "Routes from another date".

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