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As it is a system of high reliability, precision and availability, we use equipment approved by anatel, we have our own development team and we use the best technology services in the world.

See below the brands and models of Contele Tracerador:

Queclink (Model GV50)

The GV model is a wired tracker supplied by Queclink.

Queclink is a leading provider of wireless M2M devices and solutions and is present in 49 countries.

Its mission is to provide more reliable and technologically advanced products and solutions, which also meet the different application requirements in the so-called IoT (Internet of Things)

Concox (OB22 Plug and Play model)

The OB22 model is a wireless tracker , known as Plug and Play, provided by Concox.

Concox is a world-leading tracker manufacturing company headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Founded in 2007, Concox is a pioneer in the tracking technology market, with built-in antennas.

Concox trackers are shipped to over 150 countries around the world, with over 6 million trackers manufactured and delivered each year.

Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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