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In Contele Tracker, your vehicles can be found in two states:

Activated: Vehicle activated in the system, which can be used in reports, functions, APP Driver Contele, etc.
Disabled: Vehicle disabled in the system, which cannot be used in reports, functions, APP Contele Driver, etc.

What does that mean?

While using the system, it may happen that your fleet increases or decreases in size, either by sale , exchange and purchase of other vehicles.

In these changes, you will need to add or delete the vehicle from the Contele Tracker system.

A Vehicle Activated means it is available for use by Drivers.

A Vehicle Disabled means it cannot be used in the system as it can:

It sold;
Among other things.

You can see this in the Vehicles function in your listing:

How to activate or deactivate a vehicle?

In the side menu, click on Vehicles , select the desired vehicle and activate or deactivate the Vehicle in the block Vehicle Status , located in the Vehicle Data tab.

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Date of last article update: August 24, 2021
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